About e-vol

e-vol is unrivalled in its delivery of consistent information, best practice reporting and auditing channels across the Sector, whilst providing a set of valuable and effective Contact Relationship Management, Interaction Logging, Grouping, Project, Reporting, and Membership Management tools to organisations, supervisory bodies and agencies. These tools are designed to help your staff in their varied day-to-day roles, and, because e-vol is a web-based resource, they can access the records they need when they need them, regardless of their location - all they need is a computer, a web browser and an Internet connection.

The system is robust and easy to use, although full support (including User Manuals) and onsite training can be provided. Discover why e-vol really is the Management Information System for the Voluntary Sector.

the benefits of using e-vol

Bringing benefit and simplicity to your organisation and your staff is central to what makes e-vol so innovative.

The system will benefit your organisation by:

  • Delivering consistent information, best practice reporting and auditing channels
  • Putting procedures in place to ensure quality of service
  • Providing a real-time, single source of authority
  • Allowing you to manage memberships and notify that renewal is due
  • Centralising contact records

The system will benefit your users by:

  • Putting the information they need at their fingertips
  • Giving them powerful tools to perform and manage tasks
  • Providing them with pre-formatted templates for emails and correspondence
  • Allowing them to interact with contacts without leaving the system
  • Making their lives easier and increasing efficiency

key usability

Flexibility in its approach allows e-vol to provide your staff with the ability to:

  • Keep accurate and up-to-date records of individual contact and organisation details
  • Handle contacts either as individuals or associate them to any number of organisations
  • Efficiently produce a variety of reports for internal/external monitoring
  • Create and deliver informational/publicity materials to any contact on the system
  • Manage memberships, including renewal notifications and publication of membership directories to print and to the web

how e-vol meets your challenges

e-vol’s functionality is rooted in the fundamental needs of the Voluntary Sector and meets the implementation and support challenges posed by:

  1. Varying degrees of network infrastructure
  2. The technical ability of your staff
  3. Lack of dedicated IT departments

e-vol addresses these challenges through:

  1. Low infrastructure requirements: e-vol will run on your existing office PCs or laptops. You only need an internet connection and a web browser to log into the system; and because the system is fully hosted there is no need for you to provide expensive servers
  2. Full training and support is provided: e-vol is simple to use and even quicker to learn; we even provide you with comprehensive onsite user training, manuals and ongoing system support should you need it.

Removal of obstacles to adoption: Your organisation won’t require any additional hardware, personnel or specialist knowledge to run the system. All data protection and hardware security is industry standard, and should the worst happen, enterprise strength disaster recovery means you will be back up and running within hours

Accessing e-vol

" e-vol has the capability to allow organisations that don't even use a computer at the moment to move to a paperless office in one step," says Pete Senior, managing director of Senior Internet.

"Because e-vol is web-based and all data is securely hosted off-site, there is no need for expensive servers or infrastructure and the system can be accessed and used by any authorised person so long as they have a PC and Internet connection.

"For instance, voluntary groups often rely on staff and volunteers scattered over a large geographical area – e-vol will allow them all to access the full resources of the organisation, whether they work in the head office, a satellite location or from home."

Voluntary Talk

Because the system is off-site we don't have to worry about back-ups or data security. It's all done for us