Product Info

e-vol is a substantial and sophisticated product, comprising several key areas of functionality. We’ve developed the system to provide your organisation with unique ways of storing, managing and retrieving your data.

Contact Relationship Management

Contact Relationship Management (CRM) is the core of the system, forming the basis of organisational record keeping.

Interaction Logging

e-vol provides a central hub for logging your organisation’s various Interactions with your Contacts.


Grouping functionality lets you combine Contacts and Organisations into convenient Groups to enable the creation of mailing lists etc.

Project Creation and Logging

e-vol lets you create and log the Projects your organisation is working on within the system, and associate them with people and Organisations.


With the comprehensive storage of data made possible by the system’s Project Creation and Logging functionality, e-vol can generate equally comprehensive outputs and monitoring Reports for a variety of purposes.


A highly customisable, privilege-based security system protects e-vol, with different levels of access for different job roles.

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