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08 September 2010

e-vol 3 - New features

e-vol 3 has advanced greatly to earn its new version number. We have built upon the existing structure to make many improvements to the system.

A new advanced reporting system allows the creation of bespoke reports that can collect and report data on any area of the system. Added to this is the expansion of recording and reporting for training events.

Privacy settings for dynamic reports (and excel reports) have been improved within the system so that a user can see whether an address has been marked as private.

Interactions can now be edited after they have been recorded to cater for mistakes made whilst entering information. We have also added the ability to find "related" interactions when searching for a individual record. This will save time by bringing back all other interactions against the same contacts or organisations.

Contacts can now be reinstated if they were accidentally deleted from the system.

Viewing and editing the groups that a contact or organisation belongs to from within the contact or organisation record is now possible. This allows the users to easily see what groups a contact or organisation belongs to. Organisations can now also belong to multiple regions.

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Because the system is off-site we don't have to worry about back-ups or data security. It's all done for us